Brigitte ap Fanwyn

Beautiful Pictish barbarian warrior seeking revenge


Strength: __5 Dexterity: __1 Intelligence: __2 Constitution: __4 Charisma: __6 Will Power: __3


Mave ap Fanwyn was considered a beauty. Though her family were only clan leaders, she was betrothed to the son of the Laird. In the spring of last year when she rode to visit the Laird’s household in Caer Bryn, he had a royal guest from the court of King Conan – the young Prince Kadis – staying at the court. The drunken Prince took Mave against her will and used her badly. The Laird, unable to punish a relative of the King’s and unable to allow his son to marry a despoiled woman, broke the betrothal. Mave threw herself from the castle walls into the ocean below at the shame and horror of it all.

Brigitte has discovered the story during the last year – no-one was willing to talk much about it, and she traveled to Aquilonia planning to assassinate the Prince. Only to find him gone. She has hurried to catch up to him, helped by the long delay in Zamora.

She’s not mad – she won’t try to kill the Prince when he is well guarded. But she is always looking for a way to get him, and she will support any strike against him that does not put her life in jeopardy.

Brigitte ap Fanwyn

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